Turquoise Self Service Payment Kiosk

Turquoise – Self-service Payment Kiosk is an interactive computer terminal for high foot traffic such as quick service or fast-casual restaurants, cafés and food courts. With cash and cashless management instilled inside the kiosk system, this ease restaurant staffs from refilling recycled cash notes and coins during busy hours. Self-service Kiosk does not only help restaurants to generate operating profits immensely but also minimise staffs' workloads.

The best thing about Self-service Kiosk is that restaurant staffs do not have to monitor the kiosk 24/7 as it has strong and secure cash notes and coin dispensers that able to prevent thievery. With Self-service Kiosk, queue timing will get shorter and staffs can focus on serving the food instead of ordering, thus increase restaurant productivity in the long run. Aptsys helps you to do customisation for Self-service Kiosk and also provide 24/7 support when you face any problems anytime of the day.

Only a space of a footprint needed & you will deliver an exceptional experience to your customers.



Prevent Thievery


Queue Busting

cash payment kiosk

Cash/Cashless System


Proven Established Solution


Intuitive Touchscreen Display/Interface


Customise to your Branding


  • Cash notes & coins dispensers
  • Various payment options
  • Operate long hours
  • Enhance branding
  • Low maintenance design
  • High resolution images & videos
  • Personalised services
  • Advertising features
  • Touch screen


  • Reduce Human Resources
  • Reduce cost of business
  • Brand awareness
  • Substitute employee
  • Boost job stratification
  • Interactive customer service
  • Integrated payment options
  • Less human error
  • Captivate your audience



Proven Established Solution

We have been fabricating kiosks for more than 3 years and we have features that are created just for F&B to thrive.


Quick Return On Investment (ROI)

We sell affordable kiosks just so your business can stay profitable and nimble.


Intuitive & Powerful Cash Management

Eliminates manual labour and sort everything for you.


We have everything you are looking for...

If you ever been to Tsuta or Hawker Chan, you will notice a digital signage in their restaurants displaying their menu and newspaper reports and this is one of the service that we can offer for you compared to other solution provider companies. You are able to put advertisements regardless from digital signage or kiosks. We have the most cost-effective kiosk in Singapore and this allows restaurants to generate much more revenue from their operations.

Self service kiosk singapore




Aptsys Self service Kiosk Singapore


Let this be your life-changing business tool!

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