Our Methodology



  • Steering Committee/Business Case Workshop
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Project Management



  • System Analysis & Design
  • Customizations & Integration
  • Data Migration



  • End User
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Administrator
  • Developers



  • SLA Support Service (Online VS Onsite)
  • Server/Database Administration


Aptsys business consulting services are aimed to give you the ability to choose from the best technologies and implementation options available to help you achieve your business goals.


Our experience in having worked with a myriad of clients gives us an enormous depth of understanding and know-how in the areas of:

  • Business Planning (Cost, risk analysis, road map, government grant and market survey, etc.)
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Alignment
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • IT Application Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Governance Consulting
  • IT Security Consulting
  • Outsourcing Consulting


At any point in the implementation of open source, you can call upon our experts to verify that your implementation follows the best industry practices.


Aesthetics Design

Design has been a staple in our repertoire from the very start. Your site's aesthetics is what will essentially single you out from the crowd and we take pride in ensuring that aesthetics are not lost in translation. With Aptsys's strong experience in software development life cycle, including basic usability, industry standards, architecture and navigation, designers have a thorough appreciation of what your brand wants to communicate.


Installation & Hosting

Getting started with Open Source? We can help with the installation, saving you great amount of time and effort. Don't have in-house infrastructure? We offer choices of outsource and in-house hosting as well.



For a smooth upgrade to a newer version or applying a patch, let us assist you.


Customization & Configuration

If your business requires functionality beyond or different from that of the feature set of Open Source, our team of experts can fully tailor the system to meet your specific business needs.


Integration Analysis & Implementation

Open source may be just a component of your entire online business operation. We have the knowledge and experience to integrate open system with all the arms of your operation.


Troubleshooting, Optimization & Performance Tuning

For increased performance and bottleneck resolution let an expert look under the hood of your open source implementation and server environment.


Aptsys supports your business by taking care of your non-core competencies, enabling you to focus your resources on key business activities. Our services include providing application maintenance, support and training with high service levels.


Plan Coverage - Support Contract

  • Flexible SLA for initial Response Time
  • Choice of No of Cases covered in plan per month
  • Choice of No of Man-days covered in plan per month

Help Line Services

  • Telephone / Support Portal Access to Support Engineers
  • From Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (GMT +8)
  • Excluding Singapore Public Holidays

Dedicated Hotline at Extended Hours

  • From Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (GMT +8)
  • Excluding Singapore Public Holidays

Security & Maintenance Services

  • Quarterly Update on Product Updates and Support Cases

Dedicated Hotline at Extended Hours

  • From Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (GMT +8)
  • Excluding Singapore Public Holidays

Administrative Maintenance Services

  • Database Administration
  • Server Administration
  • Quarterly Onsite Visit
  • System Performance Tuning


Whether you're just getting started with or want to find out how to optimize your system training to make the most of your development investment, Aptsys offers training programs that will help you cut production times, discover best practices for a successful system and much more.


End User

The day-to-day transaction user, training help them take full advantage of the system.


Ensure continuity with train-the-trainer approach. An in-house user champion will be tasked to train new employees He will be given documentation to provide employee training going forward.

System Administrator

Training and FAQ will be provided to your in-house IT department to handle the 1st level support. Let us take care of you, Aptsys provides support and maintenance contract as well as back-to-back support for complete peace of mind.


In the event where there is no support and maintenance contract arrangements, we can provide the training to your in-house developer or programmer. All source code and database can be explained and documented.