Loof – A Bar Above



Client's Profile

Loof - A Bar Above is part of the Lo and Behold Group of Restaurants. It is Singapore’s first standalone rooftop bar. Loof serves quality whimsy, fresh nostalgia and unbridled playfulness.


How it Works for Them?

Wait staff can take Customers’ orders using Aptsys’s eWaiter Companion and wirelessly send orders to the point-of-sale (POS) system automatically print to the kitchen printers.

Our solution improves efficiency by allowing wait staff to take orders at the table, which does away with the need to walk all the way to POS terminals to enter orders. Productivity increases greatly during peak business periods.



Loof_restuarant(Photo credit: Loof)
Bar food features local flavours to complement specially crafted Southeast Asian inspired cocktails. Lush greenwall foliage and a modern Mama Shop truly set Loof a bar above.