Client's Profile

OverEasy is part of the Lo and Behold Group of Restaurants. OverEasy is a modern American-style diner and bar. It is a refreshing and vibrant modern bar concept that blurs the line between dining and drinking while paying tasteful homage to the much-loved American diner. It is located at the quayside which offers fantastic views of the Marina Bay skyline.


How it Works for Them?

Wait staff at OverEasy can take Customers’ orders using Aptsys’s eWaiter Companion and wirelessly send orders to the point-of-sale (POS) system and automatically to the kitchen printers.

Our solution improves efficiency by allowing wait staff to take orders at the table, doing away with the need to walk all the way to POS terminals to enter orders, so productivity increases greatly during peak business periods.

OverEasy Bar (Photo credits: OverEasy)


overeasy_dine1 (Photo credits: OverEasy)
The food menu features comfort food classics and blissful beverages. Dishes include mouthwatering to-die-for burgers, pre-emptive hangover cures and all-day breakfast.