Tanjong Beach Club



Client's Profile

Tanjong Beach Club is part of the Lo and Behold Group of Restaurants. Tanjong Beach Club is a restaurant and bar located at one of the best Singapore's best beaches, Sentosa, with a beautiful infinity pool and outdoor lounge (of about 12,000 square feet). It is an ideal venue for private events and a relaxing place to chill out.


How it Works for Them?

Wait staffs at Tanjong Beach Club can take Customers’ orders using Aptsys’s eWaiter Companion and wirelessly send orders to the point-of-sale (POS) system for automatic print out in the kitchen.

Our solution improves efficiency by allowing wait staff to take orders at the table, doing away with the need to walk all the way to POS terminals to enter orders. Productivity increases greatly during peak business periods.

TBC_area (Photo credits: Tanjong Beach Club)


TBC_beach_drinks(Photo credits: Tanjong Beach Club)
The food menu offers a variety of fresh grilled items, healthy salads and house-made pastas for lunch, dinner and brunch, TBC is a perfect place to escape to from the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore!