The Beast


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"Unleash The Beast" in you!

Let us welcome Singapore's first bourbon bar which houses over 30 types of bourbon whiskey, The Beast. It is located in Kampong Glam, a 120-seat (a three-storey high shophouse) southern American themed bar and restaurant with rustic barn-like interior design finish. Besides, offering many types of bourbon whisky available, The Beast also has tasty side snacks such as sweet potato fries to huge size burgers for drinkers to enjoy from.


How it Works for Them?

With its newly open outlet, The Beast has also implemented Aptsys's eWaiter Companion solutions. This improves efficiency even more as it allows wait staffs to take diners' orders and wait staff can immediately send out the orders wirelessly to the kitchen or bar printers on the spot without having to walk all the way to the POS terminals to enter the requested orders. With the technology solutions in place, it also helps with productivity during busy peak periods.

The outlet manager or administrator can update new items or even promotional items via CMS with just a few clicks! With training provided by our specialist, updating is easy.