Zaffron Kitchen


Zaffron Kitchen has implemented Aptsys's iPad POS solution (Jade) in their outlets. It works great together with Aptsys's iPad eMenu solution (Sapphire), as both solutions are tightly integrated with each other, it makes updating of modifiers and menu items through our Content Management System (CMS) is much easier with just one update.

At the same time, wait staffs can easily navigate through Aptsys's iPad POS simplicity interface design which is so much better than the conventional POS where wait staff have to memorise each steps to the particular function which can be confusing at times. Not only that, Aptsys's iPad eMenu is closely tighted to the Aptsys's POS as well, wait staffs can easily organise table no. where table splitting is needed during peak hours, payment process and more, just a few taps on the iPad POS.