Akashi Group

Akashi Group engaged Aptsys to implemented iPad eMenu solution with custom-designed eMenu interface to suit their corporate design, to data Akashi Group have deployed more than 100 iPad eMenu at their various outlets:

  • Akashi @ Vivo City
  • Sushi Goshi @ Suntec City
  • Sushi Goshi @ Robinson
  • Akashabu @ Leisure Park Kallang

Akashi Outlets showcases their authentic and fresh sushi and sashimi using the fabulous eMenu displays on the iPad. Diners can easily look through the attractive eMenu, since Akashi's sushi are fresh, there are times when some items are out of stock.

Not only that, the eMenu can be a tool for marketing as well, as most of their outlets' entrance have eMenu display stands for passer-by or diners to easily look through the eMenu while considering whether to settle down for a meal or waiting for their queue.

Akashi's outlet managers can quickly and painlessly update eMenu to show diners which items that are not available on the very day. This looks so much better and cleaner than putting hand written label stickers over hardcopy menus just to change price or menu name.

Once the diners are seated, they can self-order and send their orders via iPad eMenu without having to call out to the waiter/waitress to note down their orders.

From photos of the fresh sashimi to cooked items like Sukiyaki or Saba are simply mouthwatering and attracting, making diners spoiled with choices which in turn encourage diners to order more!