Timbre Group

timbre-the-arts-house-emenu timbre-the-substation-emenu timbre-gillman-emenu timbre-the-row-emenu


Aptsys was engaged to provide custom-designed eMenu interface design for the Timbre Group. To date, Timbre Group have deployed more than 100 iPad eMenus at their various outlets as follows:

  • Timbre @ The Art House
  • Timbre @ The Substation
  • Timbre @ Gillman
  • Timbre @ The Row

Timbre outlets are favourite hangout places for the young at heart; they are renowned for their delicious pizzas and engaging live music by the local musical talents. The eMenu allows diners to order their desired food and beverage item(s) easily from an extensive selection from the iPad. Diners also have the option of modifying the drinks/food to their liking with the specific choice options in the eMenu.

Another part of this project, includes integrating the iPad eMenu system with the Epoint POS system that enables the eMenu to be changed efficiently via a database system which will be instantly updated into the eMenus. Diners can now instantly gets updated information of recent promotions, latest creations and even advertisement from slideshows all on the iPad eMenu itself! This reduces time needed to design new menus and translates into cost savings related to producing new hardcopy menus.

Customer self-service sees increase of revenue and reduce of operating cost. Waiters can now focus on delivering customer satisfaction through an increase in productivity, thereby making the company's branding stronger.