Yum Cha


Client's Profile

Yum Cha Restaurants is well known for mouth-watering dim sum delicacies, they have also increased the repertoire of the menu from sumptuous spread to seafood dishes like the award-winning black pepper crabs. Yum Cha Restaurants also offer the ‘Tapino’ dining style – a traditional Cantonese practice where friends and family gather to cook and reminisce over a pot of hot soup. An embodiment of the very essence, taste and character, Yum Cha continues to be a popular icon in Singapore. (Credits: Yum Cha Restaurants)

Solution that works

Diners can now take orders directly from the iPad eMenu without having to get waiters attention to have their food order, and confirmed orders from iPad eMenu are send wirelessly to kitchen printer, which cut down a lot of waiting time and it is extremely easy to use and very efficient.

Language barrier on the menu? In order to let diners to be able to read the menu in Chinese as well as English, multi language function is added so that diners can have the option to switch between two languages.

Does your diners need a clean wet towel or they want their dessert to be served after a meal? Fret not! Your customers can always tap on the "bell" button for that, which is so much better than having your customers waving for attention for your wait staff.