IMDA Scale Up Enhanced iSPRINT Packaged Solution

APTSYS GEMS (Version 1.6) e-Menu Solution is listed under IMDA Scale Up Enhanced iSPRINT Package Solution.

With effect from August 2014, IMDA Enhanced iSPRINT program provides an enhanced and broadened coverage, while simplifying the application process for SMEs. Instead of paying 100% to vendors and proceed to claim back 70% from IMDA, SMEs pay only 30% upfront to vendor subject to a cap of $20,000.  IMDA will reimburse the claim for up to 70% of the qualifying costs capped at $20,000 directly to the vendor. This would make it more affordable for SMEs and greatly improve their cash-flow and significantly reduce the amount of paperwork.

APTSYS GEMS (Version 1.6) e-Menu Solution is a complete solution for restaurant to improve operation, productively and profitability. This e-Menu solution package includes:

  • Sapphire – iPad eMenu
  • Jade – The Next Generation POS (Point-of-Sales)



*Other relevant hardware depending on the project.

Product Features & Benefits

Product Features
Sapphire – iPad eMenu
  • Easy to setup and user friendly
  • Multi-touch function
  • Reduce ordering time for diners/customers
  • Integrates seamlessly with Jade POS
  • User friendly cloud-based CMS
Jade – The Next Generation POS
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Small physical footprint
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sapphire eMenu and Amber eMenu Waiter Companion


IMDA Enhanced iSPRINT Packaged Solution

Typical Proposed Packaged Solution
Software License eMenu

1. Wireless Mobile Ordering
2. Table & Bill Enquiry
3. Online Content Management System
4. Reports
Professional Services

1. Onsite Installation & Commissioning
2. Cloud Hosting System & Database Provisioning
3. Customisation of eMenu to Restaurant Workflow
4. eMenu Template Artwork Design
5. eMenu Template Development
6. Onsite Testing

1. Admin and waiter training
Maintenance (if applicable)

1. First year (annual maintenance)
Hardware (optional)

1. iPad 32GB Wifi
2. Receipt and Kitchen Printer


Minimum cost of package: *S$26,938/-

*Depends on the customisation of solution and the number of hardware(s)


For more information on the above solution or if you require a demonstration, please email to us: