Our Hawker Solutions

At Aptsys, we go the extra mile to be far-sighted thinkers that devise great hawker solutions for potential inefficiencies in erratic hawker settings.

Our hawker solutions are specially designed to alleviate chaotic hawker situations. Our Self-service Kiosk – Turquoise, is fully integrated with our POS and Mobile Application which works together hand-in-hand to bring out about the most optimum working system for hawker centres.

  •  Runs on Store Value
    • Encourages MORE spending → Increases revenue for vendors
  • Cashless 
    • Zero contact with cash between hawkers and patrons → Higher Hygiene Levels
    • Low Operational Cost from removal of paper mess
  • Marketing Made Easy!
    • Send out vouchers and incentives to customers → High levels of customer retention
    • Sending out marketing materials to customers through push notifications → creating impressions on customers

What are the Benefits?

mobile ordering singapore

Increases Productivity

Wireless ordering via mobile app, fully integrated with our powerful POS and Kiosk.

mobile ordering increase sales singapore

Increase Sales

Attracts & retains more customers & increases the repeat customer percentage, from push notifications.

Reduces Cost

Cardless system reduces cost of printing, processing & postage expenses. No more plastic membership cards & stack of forms.

Real-time Promotion

Send messages to your customer to keep them in the loop on upcoming events, special offers & promotions.

Member Analytics

Keep track of your members’ data in real time, their points, redemptions & know your top-spending customers to plan an effective marketing campaign

Marketing Campaign

Preset a marketing schedule to send SMS or Email to targeted members in order to build a stronger relationship with them.

Our Successful Clients

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